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Promotion Van & Truck
Promotion Truck

Promotion truck is a popular outdoor promotion tool in Hong Kong. People can interact with the brand and products in promotion truck. Pedestrians are easily attracted by the huge transparent truck design and they can enter to visit and experience your products.

With custom decoration and packages, customers can play games and take photos in promotion truck. It can travel to many locations in Hong Kong, promoting the brand in economical cost in high rental areas or presenting your product information directly to your targeted audience. It makes the promotion plan more proactive and effective.

Panda Media can provide professional design and equipment in promotion truck. With creative body design, promotion truck can effectively attract the attention of the public and highlight the brand image.

We provide flexible additional services to match different promotional activities,  including the items below: Led banner, 65" Led television , cool air conditioner, electricity , wi-fi , hi-fi audio system, design service , promotion truck production and installation, gorgeous decoration, promoter, popcorn, cotton candy and etc.